In the Netherlands you are only allowed on the road when you are eighteen if you have obtained your driving license. You can start driving lessons when you are 16.5, take a practical exam when you are seventeen, but you must then be accompanied in the car until you are eighteen. Accompanied driving until you are eighteen is a rule that is generally applied in most countries. Until then, have a coach or parent sit next to you when you drive. However, the ages at which you can start driving lessons can vary greatly from country to country. Or even state by state, as is the case in America. In one state you can start driving lessons at fourteen, while in another state you can ‘pass’ at seventeen. In Great Britain there are even children who start driving lessons at the age of eleven. Each country has its own view on this issue, which means that the differences can be somewhat greater.

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In the Netherlands, you take your driving lessons from start to finish at a driving school. If you decide to practice on public roads (without a provisional driving licence), you are punishable by law. Even if there is a family member with a driver’s license sitting next to you. In America, for example, this can be very different. There it is quite normal to take lessons from family or friends, and to combine those lessons with lessons from an accredited driving school. You will then receive a ‘learning permit’ after you have passed your theory exam. With this permit you can practice on the road with, for example, one of your parents. Your exam will always be taken by an accredited driving school such as Driving School Utrecht. But the number of lessons you take through a driving school is in many cases significantly lower than here in the Netherlands. Of course, the rules here also differ from state to state.

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